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Sunday, August 4

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Council of State Archivists Business Meeting Brazos, [Level 2] 101 - What's New: Copyright Legislation, Case Law, and Community Practice Grand Salon 5/6, [Level 4]Aprille C. McKay • Peter Hirtle • Eric Harbeson • William Maher 102 - Beyond Neutrality: Righting Wrongs and Striving Toward Representation Grand Salon 8, [Level 4]Daniel Linke • Elizabeth Skene • Karen Walton Morse • Joanna Black • William Rhyne Clements • Amy K. Mondt 103 - Show and Teach: Developing Courses for Teaching with Archives Grand Salon 1/2, [Level 4]Camila Zorrilla Tessler • Fatemeh Rezaei • Rose Oliveira • Anna Trammell 104 - Unboxing the Archives: Transforming Collections with Augmented Reality and Collaborative Design 201/202, [Level 2]Jenifer Monger • John F. Ansley • Andrew Borman • Rebecca Rouse • Thomas Sommer 105 - Building a Community for a Community Archive: Perspectives and Strategies from the South Asian American Digital Archive Archivists' Collective 203/204, [Level 2]Ayshea Khan • Samip Mallick • SAADA Archivists' Collective 106 "Sing Out, Louise! Sing Out!" The Archivist and Effective Communication Grand Salon 7, [Level 4]Robert Clark • Nicole Milano • Bonnie Marie Sauer • Kerri Anne Burke 107 - Leading with Tenure and Promotion: Navigating the Dynamics of Power, Research, and Service in the Archives Profession Lone Star A, [Level 3]Elizabeth Marzuoli Scott • Rebecca Hankins • Rachel Walton • Heidi Abbey Moyer 108 - That Sounds Just Like Me! Leveraging User-Centered Design Personas to Inform Your Metadata Practices for Oral History Collections Lone Star B, [Level 3]Jaycie Vos • Natalie Milbrodt • Jennifer Hecker • Steven Sielaff • Lauren Kata • Brian McNerney • Allison Kirchner 109 - Where Are We? The State of Accessibility in Archives [Pop-Up] Lone Star C, [Level 3]Hannah Rosen • Lisa Sisco

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201 - Virtual Reality as an Accessible and Inclusive Primary Resource Literacy Education Tool Grand Salon 5/6, [Level 4]Jasmine L. Clark • Leslie Willis-Lowry • Jordan Hample • H. Alex Wermer-Colan 202 - Happy Endings Only, Please! Documenting Community Development in Governmental Archives [Pop-Up] Grand Salon 8, [Level 4]Natasha Kovalyova • Amy Padilla • Haley Latta 203 - Transforming the Archive: Increasing Inclusivity through Language Grand Salon 1/2, [Level 4]Irene Lule • Teague Schneiter • Brendan Coates • Carla O. Alvarez • Kelly Kerbow Hudson 204 - Demystifying the Digital: Providing User Access to Born-Digital Records in Varying Contexts 203/204, [Level 2]Emily Higgs • Kelly Stewart • Hannah Wang • Stefana Breitwieser 205 - Revolutionizing Use Policies: Easing Restrictions for Greater Impact 201/202, [Level 2]Teresa Schultz • Dana Marie Miller • Su Kim Chung • Kelly Wooten • Katie Zimmerman 206 - SCOTUS Refocus: Advocacy for Judicial Papers [GOV] Grand Salon 7, [Level 4]Jess Farrell • Irene Gates • Ed Moloy • Michelle Trumbo 207 - Are you ArchivesAWARE? Teaming Up with SAA's Committee on Public Awareness to Create a Stronger Archives Community Lone Star A, [Level 3]Caryn Radick • Chris Burns • Rachel Seale • Vince Lee 208 - Teaching about Sexuality from the Archives: Creating Student-Centered Instruction with Archival Materials around Gender and Sexuality Lone Star B, [Level 3]Jill Borin • Molly Wolf 209 - Low Budget, Low Tech, Low Key 301/302, [Level 3]Jennifer Hunt • Ellen Greene • Alexandria Mada 210 - Low Pay in Archives: Review of Recent Events, and Where Do We Go From Here? [Pop-Up] Lone Star C, [Level 3]Rosemary K. J. Davis • Sara DeCaro • Rose Oliveira • Samantha Dodd • Mark Lambert • Talya Cooper

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301 - Empathy in the Time of Polemics: Using Archives to Teach Historical Empathy Grand Salon 5/6, [Level 4]Julia Corrin • Kayla Harris • Rachel Jirka • Michael Dindoffer 302 - No Repository, No Problem: How Archivists Archive without Walls Grand Salon 1/2, [Level 4]Miranda Mims • Steven G. Fullwood 303 - Tragedy Response: Preparation and Support for Archives and Communities Grand Salon 8, [Level 4]Lisa Calahan • Kara McClurken • Melissa Barthelemy • Whitney Broadaway 304 - Community Connections: Unleashing the Potential of Programs and Services Aimed at Underserved Stakeholder Communities 201/202, [Level 2]Catherine Powell • Conor Michael Casey • Benjamin Blake • Louis Jones • Leah Loscutoff 305 - Recontextualizing and Demythologizing Archives: The Applications of Social Theories to the Archival Praxis Grand Salon 7, [Level 4]Rebecca Joanna Kuske • Ryan Hendrickson • Megan Renee Benfield 306 - Public Involvement and Transparency in Records Scheduling and Appraisal [GOV] Lone Star A, [Level 3]Meg Phillips • W. Eric Emerson, Ph.D. • Margaret Hawkins • Patrice McDermott 307 - Building New "Traditions": Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion at Texas A&M University Special Collections and Archives Lone Star B, [Level 3]Francesca Marini • Jeremy Brett • Greg Bailey • Jennifer Reibenspies-Stadler • Leslie J. Winter 308 - Linked Data for Everyone: Practical (and Implementable!) Solutions for Enhancing Discovery on the Web Lone Star C, [Level 3]Elizabeth Russey Roke • Gloria Gonzalez • Regine Heberlein 309 - Future-Proofing Small Archives: Strategies for Transformative Leadership Transitions 301/302, [Level 3]Anna J. Kephart • Dean Debolt • Michael Seminara • Caitlin Reeves • Heather Perez • Caitlin McCarthy • Peter H. Weis 310 Archival Perspectives—From Texas and Beyond 203/204, [Level 2]Jelain Chubb • Dr. David B. Gracy II

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401 - No Ordinary Pain: Invisible Labor and Trauma, Radical Empathy, and Self-Care in Archival Work Grand Salon 5/6, [Level 4]Raquel A. Flores-Clemons • Tracy Drake • Skyla S. Hearn 402 - Working with Disability in the Archives Grand Salon 1/2, [Level 4]Jessica Chapel • Lauren White, CA • Michelle Ganz • David Spriegel • Ingi House 403 - Building Digital Capacity in HBCU Libraries through Collaboration Grand Salon 8, [Level 4]Christine Wiseman • Holly Smith • Sandra Phoenix • Monika Rhue • Aletha Moore 404 - The Winner Takes It All: Archives as Donors to Other Archives 201/202, [Level 2]Laura Uglean Jackson • Geof Huth • Aaron D. Purcell • Bonita Weddle • Aisha M. Johnson-Jones • Jim Gerencser • Charles Greifenstein 405 - America Contacts Congress: The Project to Save Congressional Correspondence Data [GOV] 203/204, [Level 2]Danielle Emerling • John Caldwell • M. Alison White • Nathan Gerth • Brandon Pieczko 406 - Graduate Student Paper Session Grand Salon 7, [Level 4]Caitlin Rivas Sullivan • Jessica Rogers-Cerrato • Katherine Schlesinger 407 - Transnational Archives: A Special Focus Session on Borderlands Archives Cartography Lone Star A, [Level 3]Amanda T. Moreno • Sylvia A. Fernández • Maira E. Álvarez 408 - Get With, or at Least On, the Program: Crafting Session Proposals for Archives-Related Sessions at Non-archives Conferences Lone Star B, [Level 3]Mike Miller • Katie Salzmann • Marian J. Barber • Morgan Gieringer • James Williamson 409 - Special Collections and Textbook Affordability: An (Un)likely Partnership 301/302, [Level 3]Margery N. Sly • Urooj Nizami • Courtney Smerz 410 - Short-Term Jobs for Long-Term Careers: Designing Ethical Project/Contract Positions Lone Star C, [Level 3]Sheridan L. Sayles • L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin • Julie Yamashita • Amy C. Vo • Rebecca Goldman

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