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Monday, August 5

7:30am CDT

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501 Invited Speaker: Ashley Farmer, PhD Grand Salon 5/6, [Level 4]Ashley Farmer • PhD 502 - Young, Old, Seasoned, Green: Assessing Power Dynamics in Multigenerational Archives Lone Star C, [Level 3]Mary M. Manning • Jill Severn • Rosemary Pleva Flynn • Elena Colón-Marrero • Alison Clemens • Helen Wong Smith • Kelly Revak • David Benjamin • Jessica C. Neal • Linda Ann Whitaker 503 - Beyond the Familiar Terms: Repairing Indigenous Collections through Inclusive Processing Grand Salon 1/2, [Level 4]Anna E. Harbine • Tisa Matheson • Gena Peone 504 - Building Community History Web Archives: Lessons Learned from the Community Webs Program 201/202, [Level 2]Sylvie Rollason-Cass • Makiba Foster • Julie Tabberer 505 - Collective Responsibility: Outcomes and Developments 203/204, [Level 2]Sandy Rodriguez • Ruth Kitchin Tillman 506 - Collaborating to Preserve and Share Disability Records in Pennsylvania [GOV] Grand Salon 7, [Level 4]Tyler Stump • Margery N. Sly • Sierra Green • Bridget Malley 507 - Blowing Off the Dust: How to Move Your Archives from the Basement to the Public Square Lone Star A, [Level 3]Leslie Waggener • Molly Marcusse • Micah Schweizer 508 - The New Internationalism: Broad Archival Ideologies and Local Paradigms Lone Star B, [Level 3]Simon Patrick Rogers • Katharina Hering • Natalie Bond • Curtis Sassur 509 - Toward Community-Driven Archives and Digital Access Grand Salon 8, [Level 4]Nancy Liliana Godoy • Joyce Martin • Alana Victoria Varner 510 - Archivists as Teachers: A to Z on How to Engage, Conduct, and Maintain Educational Practice in our Communities [Pop-Up] 301/302, [Level 3]Gayle Schechter • Ryan Leimkuehler • Martin Dodd

10:00am CDT

10:30am CDT

601 - Rarely Pure and Never Simple: Archivists, Journalists, and the Search for Truth Grand Salon 5/6, [Level 4]Terry Baxter • David McCartney • Daniel McCormack • Stacie Williams • Claire Moclock 602 - From Archives to Administration: Conversations on Career Transitions with Mid-Career Archivists Grand Salon 8, [Level 4]Crystal M. Rodgers • Cristine Noriko Paschild • Erin Stoddart • Maija Anderson 603 - Student Workers Transforming the Archives Grand Salon 1/2, [Level 4]Marcella Huggard • Tyson M. Koenig • Laura Romans • Heather Bollinger • Brady Kal Cox • Amanda Dietz • Evaliza Fuentes • Lauren Goodley • Amanda Keys Norman • Alicia Patterson • Audrey Swartz • Jessica Tucker • Brenna Wheeler 604 - Learning from the Local: The Teaching Archivist and Place-Based Education 201/202, [Level 2]Carrie Schwier • Virginia Ferris • Jessica Ritchie • Carey Beam • Bridget J. Burke 605 - Discovering the Hidden: Making LGBTQ Collections More Accessible to Researchers 203/204, [Level 2]Linda J. Long • Erin Baucom • Eli Landaverde (they/them) 606 - Unwrapping the Gift to the Nation: Making the NRHP Files Available Online [GOV] Grand Salon 7, [Level 4]John LeGLoahec • Rebeccah Baker • Skylar Bauer • Jennifer Coon • Pam M. Northern • Scott Beadle 607 - Building Support for Sound Preservation through Collaboration Lone Star A, [Level 3]Josh Shepperd • Guha Shankar • Lina Ortega • Dave Walker • Ruta Abolins • Shawn VanCour 608 - More Process, More Public: Enhancing the Value of Archives through Technical Services Lone Star B, [Level 3]Sarah Quigley • Nicole Davis • Arlene Yu • Joy Novak • Amanda McKnight 609 - Standards for Sustainability: Ensuring Sustainable Programs with It Takes a Village Lone Star C, [Level 3]Laurie G. Arp • Evelyn McLellan • M.A. Matienzo • Christine Di Bella 610 - Neurodiversity in Archives [Working Group] 301/302, [Level 3]Eric Hung • Lydia Tang • Chris Tanguay

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1:30pm CDT

701 - My Comeback Story: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome in the Archives Profession Grand Salon 5/6, [Level 4]April K. Anderson-Zorn • Drew Davis • Elizabeth Myers • Elizabeth Loch • Rebekah McFarland 702 - Documenting Current Events and Controversial Topics Grand Salon 1/2, [Level 4]Jennifer Weintraub • Samantha Abrams • Jane Kelly 703 - Reaching Outside the Reading Room: Engaging Non-Traditional Audiences through New and Innovative Programming Grand Salon 8, [Level 4]Andrew Hinton • Marc Levitt • Marta Crilly • Norie Guthrie • Brittany Newberry • Sheon Montgomery • Michael Barera 704 - Our Legacy Together: Transformation, Community, and Healing 201/202, [Level 2]Obden K. Mondesir • Joyce LeeAnn Noire • Zakiya Collier • Julia Frances Keiser 705 - Serving Collecting Institutions: Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York [GOV] 203/204, [Level 2]Anastasia Helen Matijkiw • Laura Hortz Stanton • Tom Ruller • Sylvia Kollar 706 - Let's Get Visual: Transformative New Strategies for Implementing Standardized Rights Statements Grand Salon 7, [Level 4]Gabriel N. Galson • Nancy Sims • Julia Simic • Laura Capell • Brandy Karl 707 - Cultivating a Post-Custodial Praxis: Insights from LLILAS Benson's Community of Colaboradores Lone Star A, [Level 3]Theresa Polk • Itza A. Carbajal • Dylan Joy • Edward Shore 708 - How Does It Really Work? Software Preservation and Emulation in the Archives [Pop-Up] Lone Star B, [Level 3]Tracy Popp • Lauren Work 709 - Confederate Currency: The Ongoing Role of Government Archives in Public Monument Controversies [Pop-Up] Lone Star C, [Level 3]John H. Slate • Jelain Chubb • Mike Miller • Timothy D. Baker • Amanda Fallis

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