Judy Miller

Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana
My life away from home is the Specials Collections and Archives at Valparaiso University. I can be found many hours a week in my office on the 3rd floor of the Christopher Center (library). Please feel free to contact me if you would like to visit this fascinating place. I'd be more than happy to give you a tour.
Saturday, August 3

5:00pm CDT

Sunday, August 4

7:30am CDT

9:00am CDT

10:30am CDT

12:00pm CDT

3:00pm CDT

4:30pm CDT

5:30pm CDT

6:00pm CDT

6:30pm CDT

7:30pm CDT

8:00pm CDT

Monday, August 5

8:00am CDT

10:30am CDT

11:30am CDT

12:00pm CDT

12:30pm CDT

1:00pm CDT

1:30pm CDT

4:00pm CDT

Tuesday, August 6

9:00am CDT


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