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Summer Shetenhelm

University of Denver
Graduate Student
Denver, CO
I first became interested in archives while volunteering for historic Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. One weekend a month, I joined a group of volunteers who sorted through burial permits and mausoleum drawings in preparation for digitization of these records. Each year, Green-Wood gives an Open Door Tour -- the historic mausoleums are opened, and volunteer docents provide visitors with information about those interred. This information was sourced from the objects held in the cemetery's archives. During my time with Green-Wood, I loved participating in events like this and sharing information from the archives with visitors to help them make greater connections with their community. I'm also passionate about digitization and making primary sources available to researchers and the public at large, as well as crafting exhibits and narratives that allow users to connect with our shared cultural past. I believe in the importance of strong and clear metadata, MPLP to demolish archival backlogs, and using technology to establish new research questions and methods.

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, August 4

5:30pm CDT

Monday, August 5

8:00am CDT


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